21st Tetrahedron Symposium – June 21st to 24th, 2021 – online event

Magritek will be exhibiting at the 21st Tetrahedron Symposium 2021

Join Magritek at the 21st Tertrahedron Symposium 2021! Global leaders in organic chemistry and bioorganic/medicinal chemistry, from both academia and industry, will give an overview of latest advances in their fields. The invited prestigious speakers lead a topical programme supplemented by selected contributed oral presentations and poster sessions for which abstracts are invited.

Topics include

    • New reagents, catalysts, strategies and concepts for organic synthesis
    • Total synthesis and biosynthesis of natural products
    • Stereoselective synthesis and asymmetric catalysis
    • Bioorganic chemistry and chemical biology
    • Drug discovery and medicinal chemistry
    • Supramolecular chemistry
    • Physical and computational methods in organic chemistry
    • Photoredox and organic electrochemistry