319. Autonomous model-based experimental design for rapid reaction development

Sebastian Knoll, Clemens E. Jusner, Peter Sagmeister, Jason D. Williams, Christopher A. Hone, Martin Horn and C. Oliver Kappe; Reaction Chemistry & Engineering; (2022); DOI: 10.1039/d2re00208f

Currently, the development of flow processes is seen as a resource intensive and specialized activity, when compared to batch processes. We describe an optimization workflow, based on newly-developed open-source software (Optipus). This procedure facilitates the automation of flow optimization experiments, collects and utilizes data in real time, and is able to autonomously perform real-time model fitting and evaluation. We highlight the application of the software to optimize a four-dimensional nucleophilic aromatic substitution and a six-dimensional photochemical benzylic bromination. Overall, the utilization of Optipus will enable early generation and use of predictive models for the identification of the sensitivity of product quality to critical parameter changes, significantly reducing development time and risks.