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New Lab Manual – Composition of some common household products.

nail polish remover

Composition of some common household products‘ is a laboratory experiment carried out by final-year high school students at RMIT. We caught up with Dr Jeff Hughes, Chemistry Program Leader in the school of Applied Sciences, earlier in the year to see how the Spinsolve is incorporated into their chemistry curriculum. As well as 2nd and 3rd year students being able to measure spectra of their products or check the progress of reactions, RMIT also hosts chemistry students in their last year of high school for their Analytical instrumentation unit. This is the student’s first exposure to NMR and they are required to identify the organic compounds in common household products by comparing to a reference solvent. We have adapted this experiment, kindly provided by Dr Hughes, so that it could also be used for more advanced students by adding in the element of percent composition by NMR.