Magritek introduce reaction monitoring kits for Spinsolve benchtop NMR

The Magritek Spinsolve benchtop NMR spectrometer is ideal for online reaction monitoring.  The clear bore from top to bottom, together with high sensitivity and remarkable stability give both performance and ease of use.

Magritek now offer two complete reaction monitoring solution kits –  a glass flow cell for optimized performance, or simple guided PTFE tubing for simplicity and low cost.

For full details and a downloadable brochure see the full web page at Magritek Reaction Monitoring

RM Brochure Page 4 System Sketches

The software included with every Spinsolve spectrometer includes simple scripting with looping which makes it incredibly easy to run a reaction monitoring experiment and plot the results.

RM Brochure Page 3 Software Image

Below is a complete setup with the glass flow cell.

RM Brochure Page 1 Main Image sm