Magritek launch the Spinsolve 60 series of 60 MHz benchtop NMR spectrometers

At today’s opening of the 2016 Spring ACS conference in San Diego California, Magritek are pleased to launch their newest series of benchtop NMR spectrometers, the Spinsolve 60.  Operating at 62 MHz, the increased dispersion and sensitivity of the Spinsolve 60 spectrometer offers added measurement capability that is desired for many demanding applications.

The Spinsolve 60 spectrometer has the identical compact form factor of Magritek’s already successful Spinsolve series spectrometers, enabling it to fit conveniently on the chemistry bench, or on a small trolley.  The Spinsolve 60 spectrometer is initially available with proton/fluorine or proton/fluorine/carbon.  Other nuclei will be added in the near future.

For more information see the Spinsolve 60 product page or download the Spinsolve 60 spectrometer brochures directly here:

Download the Spinsolve 60 Brochures

lores Magritek Spinsolve 60 Carbon brochure photo

Speaking about the launch of the Spinsolve 60 spectrometers, Magritek CEO, Andrew said,  “building on the worldwide success of our 43 MHz family of NMR systems, we now offer our users the option to have a high quality Magritek 60 MHz benchtop NMR spectrometer for those applications that require this capability. Our new 60 MHz system provides customers with an exceptional level of performance while maintaining the same ease of use and low maintenance of all Spinsolve system. The Spinsolve 60 does not need to spin the sample to get good results and therefore compressed gas and a complicated and fragile sample spinner are not required. And all of this comes in the same Spinsolve compact benchtop form-factor that delights our customers”

lores Magritek Spinsolve 60 brochure photo Mar 6 2016