Cleveland State University uses Spinsolve to teach students the practical use of NMR in organic chemistry

Cleveland State University in Ohio is developing into one of the best urban universities in the nation. Investment at the ground roots graduate level is illustrated by the recent purchase of benchtop NMR spectrometry to offer students hands-on experience of the latest in scientific instrumentation.

Cleveland State University

Dr Vania De Paoli is an associate college lecturer in the Department of Chemistry where she is leading a program to create a solid environment for teaching Organic Chemistry.   Prior to investing in the Magritek benchtop NMR spectrometer, students‘ practical options were limited to the measurement of melting points and refractive index.  Students were not experiencing anything close to life in a modern organic chemistry laboratory.

As Dr De Paoli says, the Spinsolve has changed this position immensely. “It is a small system, portable and lightweight. It is quickly ready to use allowing the students to have a real NMR analysis experience (they prepare the samples in standard NMR tubes, add the solvent and record the spectra in similar ways to a research grade NMR). The spectra are of good quality. The software is friendly and, overall, Spinsolve is readily affordable.”