Investigation of silicone breast implants with the NMR-MOUSE

Silicone breast implants are used for breast augmentation and breast reconstruction. The issues of concern associated with such implants are: (a) the quality control of each implant before implantation, and (b) the detection of implant bleeding after implantation. We have studied the use of the Nuclear Magnetic Resonance–MObile Universal Surface Explorer (NMR-MOUSE) for the nondestructive testing of (a) the quality of implant shells, and (b) changes in implant gel due to leakage of body fluid into the implant. Depth profiles measured nondestructively through implant shells at different positions of each implant by the Profile NMR-MOUSE assured good reproducibility of the quality and thickness of different shell layers. The leakage of implants upon rupture was mimicked by observing changes in the transverse NMR relaxation time of the implant gel upon ingress of physiological saline solution and safflower oil through the rupture. Results demonstrate that nondestructive testing with unilateral NMR is a potential method for use in the quality control of implants and for the screening of implants for rupture after implantation.

Krüger, A. Schwarz, B. Blümich; Investigation of silicone breast implants with the NMR-MOUSE, Magn. Reson. Imag. 25 (2007) 215-218.