Mobile Single-Sided NMR

The development of NMR instrumentation, methods, and applications of mobile NMR, with particular attention to single-sided NMR is discussed. Inside-out NMR is a form of single-sided or unilateral NMR, where an NMR sensor much smaller than the object is placed near the object to acquire signals from the object volume near the sensor. Mobile NMR holds great promise in a variety of fields, in particular in medicine, materials science, chemical engineering and space science. A very promising area of application of mobile NMR is process control by sensors installed in the production line. The development of NMR methods for mobile NMR is driven by two sources. One is the need for more information from, and better accuracy of, well-logging instruments. The other is scientific curiosity about doing NMR in low and inhomogeneous fields with inexpensive instrumentation and with it the drive for expanding the range of applications of NMR.

B. Bl├╝mich, J. Perlo, F. Casanova; Prog Nucl. Magn. Reson. Spectr. 52 (2008) 197-269; DOI: