Objektive Evaluierung von Narben und Hautgewebe unter Anwendung der neuen NMR- Mouse® Technologie

Introduction: For the very first time biomedical sciences have been successful in utilizing the NMR MOUSE® (Mobile Universal Surface Explorer) technology with regard to a highly sensitive and long discussed field in medicine: a clinical procedure for an objective evaluation in scar therapy came into reach. The present study is a survey aimed at producing reliable results to precisely assess scar and skin tissue, and to determine a specific and well suited therapy. Although silicon and compression therapies are recognized methods in plastic and reconstructive surgery, an objective evaluation within the therapy of scars enabling to determine the most favorable treatment for the patient has always proven to be difficult so far. Material and Methods: With the aid of the Profile NMR MOUSE®, a sensor of the size of a hand, excellent ascertainment of skin and scar tissue is possible based upon acquisition of transverse relaxation decays and extraction of the T2 relaxation time and the spin density. Scar and skin elements can be gauged and compared up to a depth of 5 mm by correlation of the gathered measurement results and the respective local anatomy. The sensor, composed of a complex arrangement of several magnetic fields, affords information with respect to consistence of the tissue structure, inter alia density, hardness and moisture content from different skin layers. The maximum resolution of up to 4 µm delivers a microscopic profile of the skin which pinpoints progress as well as alterations throughout the entire healing process of the patients. Results: The analysed data allow skin profiling and illustrate the typical skin laminates. After evaluating data for healthy skin, we recorded differences in hypertrophic and well developed scars in different patient populations. Exact correlation to the dermis strata and the maturation of burn scars is possible. We found a new reliable, sophisticated technique to observe the course of burn-wound healing with respect to silicone and pressure therapy, which allows an overview of the current status of the scar development. Conclusion: The device may be the very tool needed to gather the scientific evidence of the so far unexplained effects of compression and silicon-sheet therapy on scarring and the gestation of scar tissue. Further conceivable fields of application are to wound healing, burn evaluation, and pathologic skin alterations.

Demir, M. Schröder, P. Oppel, B. Bluemich, N. Pallua, Objektive Evaluierung von Narben und Hautgewebe unter Anwendung der neuen NMR- Mouse® Technologie, Chirurgisches Forum 37 (2008) 277-279; https://link.springer.com/chapter/10.1007%2F978-3-540-78833-1_101