105. Laboratory of the future: a modular flow platform with multiple integrated PAT tools for multistep reactions

Peter Sagmeister, Jason Douglas Williams, Christopher Hone and C. Oliver Kappe, Reaction Chemistry & Engineering, (2019) DOI: 10.1039/C9RE00087A

Currently, the monitoring of multistep continuous flow processes by multiple analytical sources is still seen as a resource intensive and specialized activity. In this article, the coupling of a modular microreactor platform with real-time monitoring by inline IR and NMR, in addition to online UPLC, is described. Using this platform, we rapidly generated experimental data (17 iterations in under 2 hours) to access information on the different chemical species at multiple points within the reactor and to generate process understanding. We highlight the application of the platform in the optimization of a multistep organolithium transformation. The optimized continuous flow conditions were demonstrated in a scale-out experiment with in-process monitoring to afford the desired product in 70% isolated yield and provided a throughput of 4.2 g h−1.