120. Production of highly concentrated and hyperpolarized metabolites within seconds in high and low magnetic fields

S. Korchak, M. Emondts, S. Mamone, B. Blümich and S. Glöggler, Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, (2019) DOI: 10.1039/C9CP05227E

Hyperpolarized metabolites are very attractive contrast agents for in vivo magnetic resonance imaging studies enabling early diagnosis of cancer, for example. Real-time production of concentrated solutions of metabolites is a desired goal that will enable new applications such as the continuous investigation of metabolic changes. To this end, we are introducing two NMR experiments that allow us to deliver high levels of polarization at high concentrations (50 mM) of an acetate precursor (55% 13C polarization) and acetate (17% 13C polarization) utilizing 83% para-state enriched hydrogen within seconds at high magnetic field (7 T). Furthermore, we have translated these experiments to a portable low-field spectrometer with a permanent magnet operating at 1 T. The presented developments pave the way for a rapid and affordable production of hyperpolarized metabolites that can be implemented in e.g. metabolomics labs and for medical diagnosis.