181. DMF·HCl as a versatile and straightforward N– and O-formylating agent

Dulce G. Ramírez-Vázquez, Omar Viñas-Bravo, Roxana Martínez-Pascual, Lemuel Pérez-Picaso and Karla Viridiana Castro-Cerritos; Synthetic Communications; (2020); DOI: 10.1080/00397911.2020.1844901

Inspired by the serendipitous isolation of N-formylpiperazines when we attempted the synthesis of a series of piperazines, we have developed a straightforward methodology for the N- and O- formylation of secondary cyclic amines, anilines and steroids, respectively. Such approach is based on the hitherto non-reported use of DMF·HCl complex, as a versatile and easily-available formylating system that can be stored without apparent loss of activity.