213. 129Xe Ultrafast Z-spectroscopy enables micromolar detection of biosensors on a 1T benchtop spectrometer

Kévin Chighine, Estelle Léonce, Céline Boutin, Hervé Desvaux, and Patrick Berthault; Magnetic Resonance Discussions; (2021); DOI: 10.5194/mr-2021-33 (open access)

The availability of a benchtop NMR spectrometer, of low cost and easily transportable, can allow detection of low quantities of biosensors, provided that hyperpolarized species are used. Here we show that the micromolar threshold can easily be reached, by employing laser-polarized xenon and cage-molecules reversibly hosting it. Indirect detection of caged xenon is made via chemical exchange, using ultrafast Z-spectroscopy based on spatio-temporal encoding. On this non-dedicated low-field spectrometer, several ideas are proposed to improve the signal.