227. Compact low-field NMR spectroscopy and chemometrics applied to the analysis of edible oils

Diego Galvan, Ailey Aparecida Coelho Tanamati, Federico Casanova, Ernesto Danieli, Evandro Bona and Mario Henrique M. Killner; Food Chemistry; (2021); DOI: 10.1016/j.foodchem.2021.130476

Compact nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy combined with chemometric tools opens new perspectives for NMR use. This work compares the potential of 43, 60 and 400MHz NMR spectroscopy for quality control of edible oils. Partial least squares regression (PLSR) and support vector regression (SVR) models built on the three NMR devices had equivalent performances for fatty acids and iodine value, and the models built with the low field spectra were equivalent to the high field. Moreover, performances for calibration indicated that most of the models built with medium/or high-resolution fields presented reproducibility values lower than the minimum accepted by the American Oil Chemists' Society (AOCS). Compared to classical methods, this new approach allows the application of medium resolution devices as a sample screening tool in analytical laboratories since it allows the spectrum obtention in a few seconds, without the need for sample preparation or the use of deuterated solvents.