338. Design and Characterization of Hyperpolarized 15N-BBCP as a H2O2-Sensing Probe

Hyejin Park, Jun Chen, Ivan E. Dimitrov, Jae Mo Park and Qiu Wang; ACS Sensors; (2022); DOI: 10.1021/acssensors.2c01720

Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) is a type of reactive oxygen species that regulates essential biological processes. Despite the central role of H2O2 in pathophysiological states, available molecular probes for assessing H2O2in vivo are still limited. This work develops hyperpolarized 15N-boronobenzyl-4-cyanopyridinium (15N-BBCP) as a rationally designed molecular probe for detecting H2O2. The 15N-BBCP demonstrated favorable physicochemical and biochemical properties for H2O2 detection and dynamic nuclear polarization, allowing noninvasive detection of H2O2. In particular, 15N-BBCP and the products possessed long spin–lattice relaxation times and spectrally resolvable 15N chemical shift differences. The performance of hyperpolarized 15N-BBCP was demonstrated both in vitro and in vivo with time-resolved 15N-MRS. This study highlights a promising approach to designing a reaction-based 15N-labeled molecular imaging agent for detecting oxidative stress in vivo.