420. Organocatalyzed Mannich reaction: Electrochemically synthesized prolinated carbon dots vs. prolinated graphene oxide

Martina Bortolami, Daniele Rocco, Beatrice Simonis, Marta Feroci and Fabrizio Vetica, Synthetic Communications (2023), DOI: 10.1080/00397911.2023.2241092


L-Pro was previously used as an organocatalyst in the Mannich reaction under homogeneous conditions; a recoverable catalyst could be useful; this is the first report on the application of prolinated carbon dots to the Mannich reaction.


Prolinated carbon dots were synthesized electrochemically using a bottom-up approach; they were characterized and used in the Mannich reaction in water using only a slight excess of ketone; for a useful comparison, L-proline decorated graphene oxide was synthesized.


The characterization of carbon dots and functionalized graphene oxide confirmed the presence of L-Pro on their surface; their use in the Mannich reaction gave good yields when carrying out the reaction in water; a possible recycle of the catalyst was demonstrated.


Both electrochemically synthesized prolinated carbon dots and prolinated graphene oxide acted as organocatalysts in the Mannich reaction. Higher yields were obtained using L-Pro-CDs obtained under galvanostatic conditions.