474. Fluorescence emission modification of triphenylamine derivatives by aggregate formation in solution or by mechanical stress in solid state

Lise Estournet, Mathieu Loriot, Inès Mezghani, Audrey Pollien and Nina Villette, Emergent Scientist, (2024), DOI: 10.1051/emsci/2023004

Two derivatives of triphenylamine, 4-(diphenylamino)benzaldehyde and 2-(4- (diphenylamino) benzylidene)malononitrile, with acceptor mesomeric groups, an aldehyde moiety and a dicyanovinyl group respectively, were synthesized and found to have aggregation-induced emission (AIE) or aggregationinduced enhanced emission (AIEE) properties in several DMF/H2O mixtures. The size of the formed aggregates was studied with Dynamic Light Scattering (DLS) and a significant change of approximately 200 nm was observed according to the water fraction in DMF. Mechanoluminochromism characteristics in the solid state were also observed. A shift in the emission bands was noticed when comparing the solid before and after grinding, as well as when comparing the crystalline and amorphous form.