Real-time reaction monitoring by ultrafast 2D NMR on a benchtop spectrometer

Fantastic to read this advance article in Analyst from the group of Patrick Giraudeau at Université de Nantes and Institut Universitaire de France. In this article they use a Spinsolve benchtop NMR Spectrometer to monitor a  Pd-catalyzed Heck-Matsuda reaction, by programming an ultrafast 2D NMR pulse sequence.

Using 2D NMR for reaction monitoring can be useful when monitoring peaks that overlap in a 1D spectrum.  However 2D sequences often take a lot longer to run impeding the ability to follow changes in a reaction occurring faster than the time taken to acquire the data.  Their pulse sequence enables a UF COSY spectrum of the reaction to be acquired every few minutes.

B. Gouilleux, B. Charrier, E. Danieli, J. Dumez, S. Akoka, F. Felpin, M. Rodriguez-Zubiri and P. Giraudeau, Analyst, 2015, DOI: 10.1039/C5AN01998B