New Spinsolve benchtop NMR Reaction Monitoring software module – RMX


We are pleased to annouce the new Spinsolve Reaction Monitoring software module – RMX – which provides for fully automated on-line NMR data acquisition and analysis for NMR reaction monitoring experiments. This new software is intuitive to use and enables powerful and flexible control of NMR spectra acquisition and analysis in real time. Key features of the module include


  • Acquire multiple NMR experiments in a continuous loop
  • Integrated and automatic remote control of pumps allowing different strategies
  • Update and modify all acquisition parameters, options and delays in real-time as the reaction progresses
  • Real-time data processing and analysis during acquisition 
  • Graphical interface for intuitive experiment set up 
  • Flexible loop definition allows interleaved and multi-nuclear experiments
  • Every 1D spectra is saved separately and can be analysed later
  • All 1D protocols including solvent suppression and carbon decoupling are available
  • Multiple data export options including .csv and PDF report generation
  • Reload data for further processing after experiment has finished



The video below shows an esterification reaction being acquired with this new software module and highlights some of the many features that are available. If you want to find out more please reach out to us at

Below is a screenshot giving an overview of the user interface and the different functional areas.