On-line Reaction Monitoring of Alcoholic Fermentation

NMR spectroscopy is an excellent technique for monitoring organic reactions due to its high degree of functional group specificity. This allows one to integrate over one or more sections of the spectrum to track the increase or decrease of the species of interest.


The Spinsolve high-resolution benchtop NMR spectrometer now makes such reaction monitoring extremely easy to set up and run for many reaction processes. It can be installed directly in a fume hood of a chemistry lab to monitor the progress of chemical reactions on-line. Reactants can be pumped in continuous mode from the reactor to the magnet and back using standard PTFE tubing.

Fermentation is a naturally occurring chemical processes – and indeed one of the most popular around the world! In an application note we show how easy it is to monitor a simple fermentation process, to get chemical conversion rates and to see where the optimal end point has occurred.