Spinsolve NMR Spectrometer used for inline monitoring of product quality in a continuous flow reaction

At the recent Group for Research on Automated Flow and Microreactor Synthesis (GRAMS) conference in Osaka Japan, Wouter Stam from Flowid gave a presentation on their flow reactor Spinpro.

Flowid use the Spinsolve NMR spectrometer to measure inline product quality.  An example setup is shown here with both the Spinpro reactor and the Spinsolve spectrometer.

DSC_0788 processed

Spinpro reactor

The SpinPro Reactor is a continuous reactor that allows chemical reactions to take place in seconds in a highly controlled and safe manner. The SpinPro Reactor allows chemical reactions to take place under extreme pressure and temperatures in highly controlled conditions. Performing reactions under these process intensified conditions result in high energy- and resource efficiency, improved product quality and flexibility in production and development. (From the Flowid website).