The Ultra high field homogeneity of this model has been achieved to obtain the highest performance from solvent suppression methods. This technique is particularly useful to measure compounds dissolved even at sub-millimolar concentrations in protonated solvents. This is a typical situation found in applications like:

  • On-line reaction monitoring
  • Synthesis control
  • Fermentation monitoring in bioreactors
  • Contaminant quantitation

The Spinsolve ULTRA offers the highest performance for solvent suppression

An example that shows the advantages of solvent suppression implemented on a Spinsolve ULTRA is the comparison of spectra acquired with (red) and without (black) solvent suppression on a Urine sample. Urine contain metabolites dissolved at very small concentration in neat water. The large water signal covers with its tails almost the full spectrum and overlaps with all signals of interest. The water peak can be considerably suppressed by continuously exciting the water signal at its resonance frequency. If it is applied in a highly homogeneous magnetic field, selective excitation suppresses the solvent signals without affecting the signals of the solutes.

What is the homogeneity of the Spinsolve ULTRA?

Advances in the patented shimming technology of Magritek’s High Homogeneity Halbach Magnets* make Spinsolve ULTRA our most powerful benchtop NMR system yet. The homogeneity of a magnet is quantified by measuring the line width (LW) of a reference sample at different heights of the peak. For our ULTRA model we specified a LW <0.2 Hz at 50%, <6 Hz at 0.55%, and 12 Hz at 0.11% of the peak height.

The Spinsolve ULTRA is also capable of multiple peak solvent suppression with carbon decoupling, a very useful experiment when measure samples with organic solvents.

Discover applications unlocked by this ULTRA resolution

Spinsolve ULTRA's improved resolution and lineshape enable applications including:

Quantifying sugar content in water

Sugars are typically dissolved in water at concentrations that can be very low and most lines overlap with the large water peak. The Spinsolve ULTRA can be used to resolve even the α and β protons to quantify the amount of glucose in water based products.

Measuring sugar content in soft drinks

Spinsolve ULTRA measures not only the sugar content but can also identify the type of sugars present in the sample. The high sensitivity of the system allows you to quantify with high accuracy the ethanol content typically present at very low concentrations in natural fruit juices. The samples here are all neat. All measurements took 8 minutes, except Coke Zero was 1 hour.

Detection of metabolites in urine

The spectra of different urine samples show large variations in the concentrations of the various observed metabolites. The Spinsolve ULTRA can detect sub-millimolar concentrations in a measurement time of just 8 minutes.


The high homogeneity of the Spinsolve ULTRA is particularly useful for samples where the compounds
to be identified and quantified are dissolved in protonated solvents such as water. Applications include:

  • Quantification of sugars and alcohol in beverages
  • Identification and quantification of metabolites in urine
  • Analysis of contaminants in waste water
  • Reaction monitoring in the presence of protonated solvents
  • qNMR for samples where important signals overlap
  • Monitoring fermentation processes in bioreactors

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The high homogeneity of the Spinsolve ULTRA is possible due to advances in the patented shimming technology used in the Magritek High Homogeneity Halbach Magnets* inside every Spinsolve ULTRA system.

*Patent US 8,148,988 and EP 2,144,076