186. Low‐Field High‐Resolution PFG‐NMR to Predict the Size Distribution of Inner Droplets In Double Emulsions

Behnam Khadem, Andrew Parrott, Alison Nordon and Nida Sheibat‐Othman; European Journal of Lipid Science and Technology; (2020); DOI: 10.1002/ejlt.202000193

In double emulsions, the inner and outer droplet size distribution determine the quality of the double emulsion and are therefore essential to be measured. Low‐field high‐resolution pulsed‐field gradient nuclear magnetic resonance (PFG‐NMR) is used to measure the inner droplet size distribution in water‐in‐oil‐in‐water double emulsions. The Gaussian Phase Distribution (GPD) approach is employed with a mixture of two normal distributions to predict bimodal inner droplets. This approach allowed to predict the swelling of inner droplet during storage of double emulsions, and thus to validate a phenomenological population balance model estimating inner droplet swelling. Only a fraction of the inner droplets found to swell during storage, due to differences in the Laplace pressure, thus leading to the formation of a bimodal size distribution of the inner droplets. This methodology is useful to predict the evolution of double emulsions during storage, in a wide range of applications, such as food and pharmaceutical products.