339. Studies on synthesis of boron and carborane cage derivatives

Sevban Doğan and Akın Akdağ; Journal of Boron; (2020); DOI: 10.30728/boron.641589 (open access)

Weakly coordinating anions are extremely versatile species for capturing and characterizing cationic intermediates. Among these anions, carboranes and some boranes are known to be the most weakly coordinating anions. In this study, the carboranes and boranes were synthesized in order to use in different fields. B11H14- was synthesized from NaBH4 and used to synthesize CB11H12-. CB11H12- was synthesized by carbene addition to undecaborate. B11H14- was converted to B10H14 by oxidation and extrusion of one boron vertex. CB11H12- was methylated on boron vertex to get HCB11Me11-. The methylated carborane cages are more hydrophobic and weakly coordinating anions.